How To Stop Procrastinating and GET STUFF DONE

How to Stop Procrastinating and GET STUFF DONE

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

 — Karen Lamb


How To Stop Procrastinating and GET STUFF DONE

Get Going. Wake up early. Lead your life from quiet. Then start.

Eliminate Distractions. Cluttered mess; cluttered mind. No need to be a neat freak. Just keep one project in front of you at a time. Something as simple as a tickler file works great.

NOTE: Most tickler file systems are based on 43 files. That's WAY TOO MUCH for me. I have a 20 percent file and an 80 percent file to get stuff off my desk (see “Pareto Principle” link below for the idea behind these two files). When planning my week, I glance through those files to determine what needs to be done. Even better, I now use Evernote for my tickler file.

Top Priorities First. Successful people set goals, but they don't stop there. They use their goals to prioritize life and work. With this in mind, use the Pareto Principle to your advantage. Instead of making a to-do list, craft a 20 percent list and an 80 percent list. Then work off your 20 percent list first.


Segment Time. Dan Miller of 48 Days speaks about uninterrupted blocks of time. Here's how it works for me (see B #6).

Twice as Long. There is an old adage that says: “Most things take twice as long and cost three times as much as you expect.” This is especially true with big goals, so realize your initial time estimates might be too short.

Ultimate Deadline. Since big goals can take twice as long to complete, set a hard deadline upfront to keep “twice as long” from turning into “ten times as long.”

Forget Perfectionism. Excellence isn't perfectionism. Excellence is doing your absolute best with the resources available.

Forget Stuff. You cannot do everything; even some important stuff. This is why setting and reviewing goals is so important. It helps you determine what to focus on and what to forget.

NOTE: The ideas above are directly related to how to stop procrastinating. The ideas below are “big picture” concepts for how to live it forward into the fullest life possible.


Develop Your Brain. Read great books. Listen to great podcasts. Expand your mind every day.

On When On / Off When Off. While I love my work, I love my wife and kids more. Yet honestly, I sometimes struggle to keep these priorities in the right order because I love investing in both my family and my work. One of the best strategies I've found for overcoming procrastination with both your work and family is to be on when you're on and off when you're off. When working, be 100 percent engaged with work. When you're off work, invest 100 percent of your focus and energy in your family.

NOTE: Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay®, often repeated the following statement: “God first. Family second. Career third.” She believed if you keep these priorities in order, your life will be in harmony. #wisdom

Night-Night. A good night's sleep does more to help you perform better than anything else.

Exercise. Fall in love with exercise. You'll feel great while exercising and even better afterward because exercise leads to greater energy and a more positive outlook on life.


How can you stop procrastinating? Use the twelve strategies above to…


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