Success Factors: Work In Focused, Uninterrupted Blocks Of Time

Dan Miller is a great friend and founder of No one has helped me grow more in business and as an individual during the past 7-8 years than Dan.

Dan specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He is the author of the widely acclaimed 48 Days To The Work You Love, No More Dreaded Mondays, and Wisdom Meets Passion: When Generations Collide and Collaborate. From his responses to our SHOW UP AND SHINE questions below, one of the success factors that jumped off the page is: Work in focused, uninterrupted blocks of time.

Success Factors - Work in Focused Uninterrupted Blocks of Time

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If you boiled life down to one philosophy that brings meaning and adds value to your life no matter what circumstances you face, what is that philosophy for you?

I want to make massive deposits in seven areas of my life at all times — not just in business or finances. The deposits made in relationships, physical, spiritual, and personal development are equally important and I want to remember that each and every day.

What are one or two success factors for you? 

The biggest success factor for my productivity has been to work in focused, uninterrupted blocks of time. When I'm writing I have no phone in my office, no texts, no tweets, no automatic email notices, and no one walking into my office door.  

Another success factor is to decide in advance how my time will be spent. I have my week outlined based on my designed priorities.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you've made and what did you learn from it?

Believing that bigger is better. When I started in business for myself I assumed that more employees, bigger space, and more customers were all positive signs. Boy did I learn a hard lesson. Being small, creative, and streamlined can be awesome! I also thought I could be successful in a business that had great cash flow even if I didn't particularly enjoy that business. Stupid mistake.

What is your best advice for people who want to SHOW UP AND SHINE? What would you say to help people live into their bigger story?

William Shakespeare said: “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”  This is not a selfish strategy but one of moving into the release of the very best God has put in us.

Question: Dan shared several success factors that have made a difference in his life: focused and uninterrupted work, massive deposits into seven areas of life, learning from past mistakes, and being true to yourself. Which one of his success factors resonates most with you and why?

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