7 Traits of the BEST of the BEST

7 Habits of the Best of the Best

As a keynote speaker and leadership trainer, I have the privilege of working alongside some of the “best of the best.” Some amazingly successful people. To clarify, “amazingly successful” does not necessarily mean these people have achieved power, prestige, riches, or fame. Some have. Others have not. In fact, some names you would know. Others……

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Kids Spell “LOVE” Funny

Kids spell L-O-V-E funny. They spell it T-I-M-E. That’s the secret to family success! The end of January is always a busy time for our family since we’re celebrating all our kids’ birthdays in a span of 3 days. Chris’ birthday is the 28th and McKenzie and Kelsey’s is the 31st. With all three of…

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