How to Break Free from Mediocrity

How to Break Free From Mediocrity

Does your life feel routine and monotonous? You wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, head out the door to battle rush-hour traffic, stare at your computer, sit in meetings, scarf down lunch, sit in more meetings, stare at your computer some more, fight rush-hour traffic again, eat dinner, plop down in front of the…

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Unconventional Personality Test: Your Greatest Strength Becomes a Weakness

Unconventional Personality Test

When Your Greatest Strength Becomes Your Greatest Weakness If you’ve taken a personality test, you’ve likely learned a lot about your strengths. But did you know your greatest strengths, taken to an extreme, can become weaknesses? For instance, when these four personality types are taken to the extreme, notice how their primary strength becomes a weakness:…

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