We all deal with stress in our lives. Professional stress. Relational stress. Personal stress. Emotional stress. And all this stress can lead to burnout. But you don’t have to let this happen. Here are 21 quick tips on how to reduce stress and avoid burnout on a daily basis.

21 Tips to Reduce Stress and Avoid Burnout

1. Go to bed at a decent hour. Solid sack time does a body good.

2. Skip the snooze button and wake up early. You’ll get out of bed feeling great because you’ll have one win already under your belt before your morning gets going.

3. Drink 16 ounces of water when you first wake up. It fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, and may even make you eat less.

4. Launch into your day by leading your life from quiet.

5. Always review your goals while leading your life from quiet.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast. This is another way to jumpstart your metabolism and give your body the rocket fuel it needs for the rest of the day. (By the way, don’t wolf down your breakfast while running out the door. Slow down. Enjoy.)

7. Serve family members in some small way before starting work.

8. Say “I love you” to family members before starting work.

9. Start work earlier than most people. You’ll feel in control of your work instead of being controlled by your work. The reason? You’re being proactive instead of reactive.

10. Don’t answer email first thing in the morning. Instead, spend your first hour or two on your most important work. Again, be in control of your work; don’t let your work control you.

12. Say “yes” to what you do best. Then follow through with excellence. (BONUS: Keep in mind, excellence is not perfectionism. Excellence is simply doing your best with the time and resources you have.)

13. Say “no” to what you don’t do best. Delegate, defer, or delete these things.

14. Work for 60-90 minutes. Then get up and do something different for 10-15 minutes.

15. Be an encourager. Always build up, never tear down.

16. Don’t focus on events. Instead, focus on your response. E+R=O.

17. Move every day. Walk, run, strength train, play a sport, or practice yoga. Release endorphins and get your blood circulating.

18. Say “I love you” to family members again when you reenter your home.

19. Sit down at a table, eat dinner together with your family, and have a conversation. Better yet, turn on some fun music and prepare dinner as a family.

20. Laugh. A lot.

21. Unwind. Read a good book. Enjoy a glass of wine.

Start all over with #1.


Questions: Which of these daily habits helps you reduce stress and avoid burnout? What habits would you add to our list?

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