What NOT To Do – A Major Key to Success

What NOT To Do A Major Key To Success


Many people create to-do lists, but the most successful people among us also create “NOT TO DO” lists. In fact, they create two types of “NOT TO DO” lists:

  • A “NOT TO DO” list
  • A “STOP DOING” list

Why is developing a “NOT TO DO” list and a “STOP DOING” list such an important key to success?

If you demonstrate effectiveness in any area of your life, it’s almost a guarantee that more will be added to your plate. What this means is that the more effective you are, the more your To-Do list will grow. Before you know it, your work days will get longer, your volunteer commitments will expand, and extra things will pile up on your plate. This is not necessarily a bad thing unless these new commitments begin to crowd out important priorities in your life like family time, opportunities for personal development, and the time to build relationships with close friends.

Before any of this happens (or, when it starts to happen), the most successful people among us stop and evaluate how they are spending their time. Even more, they develop strategies that help them stop investing in time-wasters so they can focus on what matters most.

The way I avoid time-wasters is by leading my life from the quiet and organizing my tasks around the big things in my life. Each of these practices have been a key to success for me.

Bottom line…when I plan my week or my day, I focus on giving both my best time and the majority of my time to high-value activities. Remember, it’s often not what we do that determines our level of success, but rather what we DO NOT do.

Question: How do you determine what TO DO and what NOT TO DO? What methods or systems do you use?


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