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Video Coaching Program

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Do you want to stop DREAMING and start DOING more in your life and career? Wouldn't it be nice to discover a simple approach that will empower you to this while also allowing you to invest in the people and things that matters most to you?

This is exactly what the GOAL-GETTING Video Coaching Program will equip you to do!

This 45-minute Video Coaching Program (5 short videos) shows you why:

  • To-Do Lists are keeping you from what matters most
  • Leading Your Life From Quiet creates ultimate focus and direction in your life and career
  • Upside-down thinking leads to right-side-up living
  • Only 1 thing matters at a time and how to know exactly what that 1 thing is
  • You don't need an app to implement your Goal-Getting system

Specifically, after the Introduction Video shares the difference between goal setting and goal getting, this rest of this Video Coaching Program equips you with four principles that will help you move from just setting goals to achieving your goals:

  • Principle #1 — It's Your Life. Create Your System.
  • Principle #2 — Lead Your Life from Quiet.
  • Principle #3 — The Reverse Pareto Principle.
  • Principle #4 — Your 1 Percent Advantage.

BONUS #1: Downloadable PDF for taking notes, which also includes links to free resources to assist you with Goal Getting.

BONUS #2: 30-minute recorded Q&A session in which Kent answers specific questions about how he personally uses the Goal-Getting System to move from dream to do in both his life and work. Questions include:

  • How to deal with fear in setting and achieving goals?
  • How does goal getting look different for different personalities?
  • What can you do when you feel overwhelmed by your To-Do list?
  • How important is it to write S.M.A.R.T. goals?
  • What's the best way to deal with procrastination?
  • How can Evernote be used effectively in Goal Getting?
  • How do you determine your most important goals?
  • How to recognize the difference between an urgent-but-not-important opportunity and an important-but-not-urgent opportunity?

BONUS #3: A 6-minute video in which Kent shares his story about being an "at-risk" student and how one specific challenge from a caring adult led him to understand the power of goal getting.

Bottom line, this is unlike any goal-setting training you have experienced because the focus is not on goal setting, it's on GOAL GETTING!

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7-2_400Affirm Yourself: Create Personal Affirmations That Empower You to Show Up and Shine


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If affirmations are so powerful, why don’t they work for most people?

In a word, most affirmations are “fake.” More specifically, they are fake to you, copy-and-pasted, like someone handing you their keys and sending you off to find a mysterious, hidden treasure. For affirmations to work, you must create them. This is the only way they become the keys that unlock the hidden treasure in your heart and soul.

Affirm Yourself will equip you to write personal affirmations that are authentic to you! It will help you discover the affirmations already inside of you and show you how to make them an integral part of your everyday life.

FEATURES: This book is about taking immediate action. Two features help you do this...

  • This book gets right to the point. In fact, you can read it in 15 minutes or less (no joke) because it explains the entire process of writing personal affirmations in less than 10 pages.
  • The rest of the book gives 30 different prompts for writing your personal affirmations. These prompts empower you to take action immediately so you can start using your personal affirmation right away.
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Video Coaching Program

Price: $397 / ONLY $197

Are you choosing your best life or are you letting circumstances, past mistakes, or other people determine your life?

Will you stay stuck where you are or will you be empowered to CHOOSE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW by:

  • Experiencing a renewed purpose, passion, and calling
  • Discovering your personal and profession COMPASS that helps you live according to your true north every single week
  • Determining what you want your life to look like, how you want work to fit into that life, and develop a MAP to turn this dream into your reality.
  • Making significant improvements to your life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • Designing each day so you invest in relationships and tasks that matter most to you
  • Achieving your biggest goals both personally and professionally
  • Becoming more successful and profitable

Bottom line, do you want to COME ALIVE so you can SHOW UP AND SHINE in the most important roles of your life?!

Choose Your Best Life NOW Video Coaching Program includes:

  • 1-hour Coaching Video on Purpose It Forward — Discover Your COMPASS
  • 1-hour Coaching Video on Move It Forward — Determine Your MAP
  • 1-hour Coaching Video on Live It Forward — Design Your DAY
  • 1-hour Coaching Video on Earn It Forward — Dive Into Your PROFITS and SUCCESS

BONUS #1: Four downloadable PDF documents for taking notes (one for per video). These documents also include links to free resources to assist you in Choosing Your Best Life NOW

BONUS #2: Exclusive Facebook Group for you to share your work, ideas, and insights with others who have gone through the Choose You Best Life NOW Coaching Program.

BONUS #3: Four additional 5-minute videos explaining what assignments to post in our Exclusive Facebook Group and how to post best post them.

Price: $397 

ONLY $197

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3D Book -Transparent_reducedWho Wants To Be NORMAL, Anyway

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NOTE: This book is for teenagers and young adults, yet many entrepreneurs have read it because the 30 principles shared in the book are applicable to success in life, career, and business.

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Normal is defined as conforming to a standard—usual, typical, expected, vanilla. Is that what you really want out of life? Conformity? Usual? Typical? Expected? Vanilla?

Kent Julian has been serving up a healthy dose of “abnormal” advice for over a decade. In this hilarious and inspiring book, he shares unique insights on what it takes to achieve real success. The key, according to Kent, is not just to live for the moment or live it up, but to live it forward!

Who Wants To Be Normal, Anyway?! will help you pursue your best life in the midst of a culture that is infatuated with “normal” by teaching you to:

  • Win at the Simon Says game of life
  • Do the exact opposite of “normal”
  • Start your own Think Inc. business
  • Play up to your potential
  • Stop sharpening your pencil

This is more than a “survival” guide for teens—it’s a strategic road map designed to help you thrive!

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7-2_4003D Book -Transparent_reducedCombo Package

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