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Professional Speakers Training

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I recently sat down with David Dutton of Marketing Matters TV for an interview about being an entrepreneur, speaker, and the professional speakers training I am privileged to do. We had a great time during the interview!

David has been kind enough to allow me to post the video from our interview below. I know you are going to enjoy it. First of all, it’s not just an audio podcast, it’s a video podcast. You actually get to see David and me interacting with one another.

Secondly, you’ll like the fact that we talk a lot about the nuts-and-bolts of being an entrepreneur and professional speaker. David asks so many good questions that the interview ends up being sort of a mini-version of some of the professional speakers training I do.

Some of the topics you will enjoy from this video include:

    • What I instantly did to double my income while talking to a prospect over coffee.
    • How I used a 50/50 money-management system to quit my full-time job and give my family the financial security we needed for the entrepreneurial road ahead.
    • How to pick a niche as a professional speaker whether you are a beginner speaker or a more seasoned speaker. By the way, I’m really upfront about how I’m personally growing in this area right now and how I believe my business will evolve during the next 12-18 months.
    • How I recently made audience members go “awwhh” while holding up product and how this has led to thousands of dollars in back-of-the-room sales.
    • How long it takes to become established as a professional speaker and why professional speakers training is so important to the process. Just know, continual learning is so important to me that I recently enrolled in a year-long professional speakers training course for advanced speakers.
    • How I earned an extra $15,000 from books before the books ever hit the printer.

Again, visit David Dutton’s site. He is uniquely niched in what he’s doing. As he likes to say about his show: “It’s the #1 show for entrepreneurs who want their work to matter.” He even has a program called One Buys One Thrives. When you place an order using any of his affiliate links to recommended products and services that he earns a commission on, part of that commission goes to help rescue orphans each month. Definitely something that matters!

A big THANK YOU again to David for this interview!