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According to this survey and others like it, the #1 fear for most people is the fear of public speaking. This means I’m a bit of a wacko because I absolutely love public speaking! (Go ahead, call me “crazy.” I won’t take it personally.)

If you’re as crazy as I am, you’d probably like to get booked as well as paid to speak. If so, here are seven keys to success that I follow as a speaker. (NOTE: By no means is this a comprehensive list. These are just seven principles that have helped me tremendously in my speaking career.)


7 Keys To Success For Speakers

Speaker ID — A commonly overlooked key to success for speakers is developing a “Speaker ID.” Your Speaker ID consists of your brand, the character you play on stage, and even the key emphasis of your presentations. Most wannabe speakers focus on packaging their information, yet few think about how to package the presenter who delivers the information. Successful speakers do both!

Platform — For speakers, the term “platform” not only refers to the stage from which we present our message, it also refers to the “marketing stage” we build to promote our services and products. There has been a ton written recently about developing one’s marketing platform, and for good reason—a solid platform is critical to getting noticed in a crowded marketplace. As with all the topics on this list, this one is discussed in detail at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp. In the meantime, here are two books I’ve found helpful: Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port and Get Slightly Famous by Steven Van Yoder.

Expertise — Do you have something to say? Do you really? It’s shocking how many people who want to be speakers are unwilling to invest the time and energy in developing their expertise. To be a leading authority as a speaker, you MUST learn everything you can about your topic. Read books. Take classes. Attend conferences. Hire coaches. Do whatever it takes to become the go-to person in your field.

Add Value — Another key to success that gets overlooked is successful speakers know speaking isn’t about them. The primary person your presentation should serve is the meeting planner who hired you. That’s your client! A close second to the meeting planner is your audience; serve them well and the meeting planner will be happy. If you think your presentation is primarily about you, you won’t make it for the long haul. Never forget your #1 goal is to add value to an event by serving meeting planners first and audience members second.

Killer Presentations — If you don’t have a killer presentation, whether you are keynoter or a workshop leader, you will blend in with all the other average speakers instead of busting out from the pack. This is such an important key to success for speakers, I’ve developed a 2-day Killer Keynote Conference that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s…

  • Exclusive: At the time of this writing, it’s open to only to 8 people at a time.
  • Coaching-Based: Not only are you trained to put together a presentation and deliver it without the use of notes, each participants gets an individual coaching session with me during the conference.
  • A Total Immersion Experience: On the second day, every participants gets a chance to give a 20-45 minute presentation they developed the day before and each participant is equipped to deliver this presentation without the use of comprehensive notes. It’s truly amazing to watch this happen each and every time!

Energy Leader — This is one of the simplest keys to success, yet even the best speakers occasionally trip over it. Always remember, you own the energy in the room the moment you take the stage. Therefore, never follow the energy in the room. LEAD IT! Grab hold of the energy reigns and lead your audience where you want them to go.

Revolving Door — Of all the keys to success on this list, this is the one that hinders most wannabe speakers from getting booked to speak. Most marketing plans speakers follow, if they actually have one, are erratic at best. This means most speakers never develop TOMA in their niche (i.e. Top Of Mind Awareness). I follow a Revolving Door Marketing Strategy which keeps me in front of key meeting planners in a positive, serving way at least every 6-8 weeks. Additionally, I use both traditional and non-traditional showcasing as a means of demonstrating my services to large groups of meeting planners. Both strategies create a “revolving door” of business and referrals.


There you have it. Seven keys to success for speakers! If you are serious about getting booked and paid as a speaker, check out the resource below.

Want to Land Your First $500 to $1,000 Speaking Engagement Without Having a Huge Platform or Being a Best-Selling Author?

 Download your FREE GUIDE: 9 Ways to Get Paid as a Speaker