Professional Speaker - Kent Julian

I’m a professional speaker, which simply means a good portion of my business revenue comes from speaking at conferences and events.

There are many reasons I enjoy being a professional speaker. I like traveling and seeing different parts of the country and the world. The revenue is good. I enjoy being on stage. I love energizing an audience and, in return, being energized by an audience.

But there is one thing I enjoy most about being a professional speaker.

The Thing I Enjoy Most About Being a Speaker

Interestingly, this thing I enjoy most has nothing to do with me. While you’ll notice that each reason I shared above is a benefit I receive from speaking, the thing I enjoy most about being a professional speaker is not something I receive, it’s something I am privileged to give.

What it is?

It’s positively impacting the lives of others! When the message I share connects with people at their core and changes their lives…well, it doesn’t get any better than that!

You might think this sound a bit cliche or corny, but it’s not. For instance, I recently keynoted for an audience of 1,900 people. When I returned home, the following email was waiting for me in my inbox.

Hi Kent, 

I was in your audience today and well… I was totally inspired. I’ve always been the type of leader who is willing to take that first step off the diving board, but I’ve also been paranoid about the “ripples” that are produced whenever I “take a step.” Because of your message, I’m letting go of my paranoia and diving in with no regrets. Plus, E+R=O is my new motto. Thank you for helping me step into what I believe. 

Sorry, but that’s not corny. That’s life-change. And that’s what makes being a professional speaker so meaningful. It’s not about what I receive; it’s about what happens to other. It’s all about impact!


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