E+R=O Wristbands and Ohio State Football

I received an interesting email on Saturday. It asked if I had any E+R=O wristbands like the ones the Ohio State Football team was wearing.

I rubbed my eyes and read the email again. Yup, that's what it asked: Do you have any E+R=O wristbands like the ones the Ohio State Football team was wearing?

E+R=O Wristbands / OSU Football Wristbands / Ohio State Wristbands

E+R=O Wristbrands

In my keynote presentations, I share a concept I learned in its basic format from a teacher in middle school and later, in more detail, from Jack Canfield who learned it from Dr. Robert Resnick. This concept is best expressed through an equation that can empower you to take 100 percent responsibility for your life and leadership.

 E+ R = O


The “E” stands for the “events” that occur in our lives. Reality is…we have little control over the events in our lives. Some are good; some are not so good. But either way, most are out of our control. The “R” stands for our “response” to these events. This is the only thing we have complete control over—our response. The “O” stands for the “outcomes” we experience.

While most people believe the outcomes they experience are directly tied to what events occur in their lives, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, the outcomes we experience are directly tied to how we choose to RESPOND to the events in our lives. Owning your “R”—your RESPONSE—is what leads to true success in both life and leadership.

Obviously, I love the focus Ohio State Football Coach Urban Meyer is placing on leadership and personal responsibility. I also love seeing student leaders take ownership of their roles on the Ohio State Buckeyes football team and how they are focusing on the E+R=O equation. I love college football and have a sense this year will be extra special.

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OSU Football Wristbands / E+R=O Wristbands

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Check out how the E+R=O equation positively impacts your real life and empowers you to face and overcome any challenge!



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