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"Thank you for being so incredibly talented onstage and super easy to work with. For a Meeting Professional, you are truly one of the rare jewels out there as a speaker!"

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) - with the National Speakers AssociationAs a former executive director of a national organization, I know finding just the right speaker for your event isn't easy. I also know that the "feel" of a conference often comes down to the quality of speakers you put on stage. If they are great, you look great. If they are just so-so, it makes your job more challenging. 

If you need a speaker who energizes and engages your audience while sharing powerful content that can be acted on right away, I'm your guy. I'm also the easiest speaker in the world to work with.

⇒ If your audience of leaders needs to cultivate resiliency in themselves and the people they lead...

⇒ If they want practical tools to build results-based cultures without burning bridges...

⇒ If they want to accomplish more in less time without extra headaches...

⇒ If they are looking to get the best out of themselves and the people around them...

...Then I'm the speaker you are looking for!

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Program Descriptions

My Most Requested Topics...


Your 1% Advantage (E+R=O)
How to Cultivate Resiliency and Success in Yourself and Those You Lead 

Success isn’t the result of everything going your way. On the contrary, true success is experienced by those who are able to turn their greatest adversities into their greatest advantages. Therefore, in order to win in life, leadership, or business, you must learn to lead your life instead of letting life lead you.

Results & Benefits

This keynote explores key tools for developing resiliency, overcoming tough challenges, and stepping into your best self by:

  • Discovering how to grow your courage and resiliency even if you're starting from scratch 
  • Mastering the 1% Advantage in your life and work in order to guarantee success no matter what obstacles stand in your way
  • Learning how to turn your greatest adversities into your greatest advantages

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How to Get Results Without Burning Bridges 

Most leaders have big goals for their teams and organizations. But often, instead of achieving those dreams, they get stuck in dreamland. Each year the same goals get set, and each year the same goals go unmet.

Yet, any team can move from DREAM to DO if leadership cultivates the right environment. That's because the environment you create determines the results you produce. 

Results & Benefits

To cultivate a DREAM-to-DO team, you must first become a DREAM-to-DO leader. In this keynote, you'll discover how to move yourself and your team from DREAM to DO by:

  • Tapping into the "BIG is Little and Little is BIG" strategy to make small, strategic adjustments that lead to BIG results
  • Learning how to move yourself and your team from a disempowering E=O culture to the always-empowering E+R=O culture
  • How to double, triple, and even quadruple results without adding anything extra to your To-Do List or any extra hours to your workweek

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One IN a Million Instead of One OF a Million
How to Get the Best Out of Yourself and the People You Lead

Organizations are NOT looking for people who just show up, just do their jobs, and are just satisfied with getting a paycheck. They want leaders and team members who show up and shine! 

Is this a reasonable expectation? Can we really expect our people to be more, do more, and achieve more?

ABSOLUTELY! And the truth is most people want to give their best every day. 

Results & Benefits

This keynote equips you with the mindset, motivation, and methods for high performance such as:

  • How to see opportunities that are often disguised as obstacles 
  • How it takes only 5 seconds to use the #1 resiliency and peak-performance tool that everyone has in their toolbox
  • What actions you can take to become a one-IN-a-million player instead of a one-OF-a-million benchwarmer 

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Peak Performance for Real People 
How to be a Top Performer in YOUR Real Life and Real World

Have you noticed that many peak-performance experts and productivity speakers live unrealistic lives? The ultra-marathoner who has sponsors so he can train six hours a day, rest-and-recover, and do it all again tomorrow. Or the business executive who has more than a dozen direct reports to whom she delegates all the tasks she doesn’t want to do. How can their strategies connect with people who have real jobs, real schedules, and real work demands?

This inspiring and content-rich presentation empowers real people to become high performers in their real world. During this in-depth and hands-on session, you will discover how a few practical habits can double, triple, and even quadruple your productivity and results without adding anything extra to your to-do list or adding extra hours to your workweek.

Results & Benefits

The workshop equips participants with game-changing productivity strategies that can be implemented right away such as:

  • How to determine the superiority of a task
  • How to dump your To-Do List and replace it with something that is simpler and guaranteed to help you focus on what matters most
  • How to double, triple, or even quadruple your productivity and results without adding anything to your to-do list or adding extra hours to your workweek
  • How to use the Reverses Pareto Principle and the 3:20 Rule to consistently accomplish your most important goals

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Bust YOUR Move
Understanding Yourself and the People Around You

The best players on any team have a signature move, and they know how to use it. In this fun and interactive workshop, audience members discover their "signature move" (i.e. personality strengths) and the best strategies to "bust their move" (i.e. play to their strengths). They also learn two simple questions they can ask to help others bust their moves as well.

Results & Benefits

This fun and engaging team-building workshop is guaranteed to put smiles on participants' faces while they learn how to:

  • Identify the 4 signature moves (i.e. personality styles)
  • Identify their own best move(s) so that they can play to their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses
  • Ask 2 simple questions to quickly identify other people's signature moves
  • Encourage and build others up in their signature moves

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"Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our Rethink. Retool. Reset. Summer Conference. The feedback from participants is in and your closing keynote was a great success. In fact, the final verdict was: 'You knocked it out of the park!'"
—Sally Smith, Executive Director, Alabama Association of School Boards

“Kent Julian was outstanding! The number of positive comments we received about his keynote was more than any other speaker we have ever used in the past.
—Walt Roetter, Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis Administrator

"Kent Julian knocked it out of the park with our team, which isn’t always easy to do. He was really funny, his stories were extremely engaging, and he was motivational without being corny. But most of all, Kent was real and what he had to say really hit home with our employees. We’ve had so many great comments!"
—Mike Jennings, Sherwin Williams

“Kent Julian's keynote at our Annual Leadership Conference was exceptional! In our business, we spend a lot of time training our team in just how important the little things are when it comes to performance, productivity, and customer service. Kent's ideas on "BIG is Little and Little is BIG" and how to move from "DREAM to DO" were spot on and helped us drive home what matters most in how we serve our customers." 
—Bill Sinclair, President, Pioneer College Caterers 

“Kent Julian is high energy, he engages with his audience, and he’s hilarious. He’s also very professional and easy to work with. Our conference attendees loved his keynote and workshops, especially because he showed our members how to take control of their RESPONSE to every event they face in life or work so that they can positively determine each outcome. He even put it in an equation for us so that we never forget: E+R=O!
—Christine Phipps, Executive Director, New Mexico Business Professionals of America

"Thank you for being so incredibly talented onstage and super easy to work with. For a Meeting Professional, you are truly one of the rare jewels out there as a speaker!
—Brenda Merkel, Executive Director, South Dakota FLBA
"One of the most beneficial presentations and likable speakers we've ever had during my many years with National Speakers Association. I would love to have him back to again speak!” 
—Jack Park, Best Selling Author and Ohio State Football Historian 
“Outstanding job! You were the perfect person to kick off the opening session at our annual conference for an audience of over 7,000. I've heard many positive comments from our members and guests. Your message was open and honest, your stage presence and timing were exceptional, your main point of E+R=O was powerful and practical, and it’s obvious you walk your talk. Thank you for being so authentic onstage and being so easy to work with offstage."
—Denise Morris, Executive Director, Oklahoma Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America

"Kent Julian is a dynamic, engaging speaker who we have used multiple times to keynote at our 48 Days leadership and entrepreneurial events. His ability to take his audience on a journey of laughter and learning is second to none. He’s funny, he’s genuine, he's moving, and his content on personal performance and productivity is outstanding. Do what I’ve done multiple times…if you want team members to boost their productivity and stay focused on what matters most, book Kent Julian for your next event!"
—Dan Miller, NYT Best Selling Author and President of 48 Days

“We thoroughly enjoyed having Kent Julian as our opening keynoter for our state leadership conference. He was authentic, personable, and enthusiastic both onstage and offstage. Onstage, Kent was funny and entertaining, he continually interacted with audience members, and he equipped us for success with his memorable E+R=O strategy. Offstage he talked extensively with attendees who had questions, took dozens and dozens of pictures with people, signed books, and much more!”
—Stacie Elwood, South Carolina HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

"Your keynote was GREAT. Seriously...#RockStar performance!!"
—Ray Edwards, Ray Edwards International Inc.

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