Personal Success When Life Doesn’t Go According To Plan (E+R=O)

Overcoming Obstacles by Living E+R=O

Personal success is easy as long as life goes according to plan. But what happens when life throws you a curveball? When instead of sunny days, the forecast holds stormy clouds? Sure, it’s easy to live it forward as long as everything is going smoothly. But when you hit a few bumps along the way, overcoming obstacles becomes more challenging.

Yet, as my friend Dan Miller writes in Wisdom Meets Passion:

“Successful people are not excuses makers. They take responsibility for their actions and the results they get. Where others see obstacles, frustrations, discouragement, and despair, they see hope and opportunity. They approach every situation with the enthusiasm, confidence, and boldness that come only from having a clear plan of action and the anticipation of a positive outcome.

“If you’ve never had a chance, an even break, or the right opportunity, check with the person in the mirror. He or she has the keys for the success you are looking for.”

I couldn’t agree more! Personal success starts with the man or woman in the mirror. This is true whether life is a bed of roses or a bushel of thistle and thorns.

Overcoming Obstacles — Your Response Matters

In his book The Success Principles, Jack Canfield explains an equation he learned from one of his mentors Dr. Robert Resnick. According to Canfield, this equation is the #1 principle for personal success. The formula he learned is:


(Events + RESPONSE = Outcome)

You see, most people believe E=O. They believe the events in their lives determine the outcomes they experience. This is why most people never experience significant personal success. If events determine outcomes, there’s nothing you can do to positively shape your outcomes. Personal success is completely random because it’s caused by what happens to you instead of being caused by you.

Successful people, however, add an R to the equation (E+R=O). They realize they cannot control all the events that occur in their lives, but they can take 100 percent responsibility for how they respond to the events they face. Therefore, they take control of their attitude and actions and use them to create successful outcomes no matter what events they face. This one little letter empowers them to overcome obstacles and experience true success!

I speak about E+R=O in most of my keynote presentations. In fact, I’m often referred to as the E+R=O Speaker. In the video below, I share the difference between living E=O and E+R=O.

 Personal Success Formula: E+R=O 

Kelsey took 100 percent responsibility for her R. I encourage you to develop your own strategies for taking ownership of your responses so that you can overcome any obstacle you face and achieve amazing personal success.


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