E+R=O Wristbands / Events + Response = Outcome

Ever since I posted E+R=O Wristbands and Ohio State Football, hundreds of people have contacted us about our E+R=O wristband options, the keynote speaking I do, and to find out exactly what E+R=O represents.


Buckeyes Football Wristband / E+R=O Wristband / Ohio State Football bracelet / E+R=O bracelet

E+R=O Wristband in Ohio State Football Colors | #Buckeyes

Two E+R=O Wristband Updates

First, the demand for an E+R=O wristband option in Ohio State Buckeyes colors has been so high, we placed an order. The wristbands above should arrive to our office sometime next week. Notice we stayed true to our E+R=O wristband design; we just added OSU football colors. Personally, I LOVE THE COLORS. Out of all our E+R=O wristbands, this is my favorite. I think we might start doing other college football colors. Since I’m a huge Georgia Tech fan, an E+R=O wristband in Yellow Jacket colors might be next.

Interested in ordering E+R=O wristbands in Ohio State colors?

Second, as a reminder, here’s what E+R=O represents:

E+R=O is about taking 100 percent responsibility for your life and leadership. It’s a concept I learned as a teenager from a teacher who was a mentor of mine. However, it was Dr. Robert Resnick and Jack Canfield who articulated this concept via the E+R=O equation.

The “E” stands for the “events” that occur in life. We have little control over events. Some are good; some are not so good. But either way, most are out of our control. The “R” stands for our “response” to events. This is the one variable we have complete control over. The “O” stands for the “outcomes” we experience.

Most people believe the outcomes they experience are the result of the events that occur in their life. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. The outcomes we experience are directly tied to how we choose to RESPOND to events in our lives. Owning our “R”—our RESPONSE—is the key to true success in both life and leadership.


Question: How could using the E+R=O equation in your goal setting to help you SHOW UP AND SHINE?


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