One of Vince Lombardi’s most famous quotes is: “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” But don’t miss this. Vince Lombardi also said: “The common denominator of success is work.”


The Common Denominator of Success is Work

Why is work the common denominator for success? Here are three important reasons to remember…

Work is rare. Work is not necessarily uncommon, but people who put significant effort into their work are. Honestly, most people do just enough to get by. But investing in your work…giving 100 percent and then adding something extra…that’s rare.

And guess what…that’s why success is rare.

Work is hard. If you are someone who loves your work, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s called “work” for a reason. It’s difficult; even challenging. Like a champion marathoner who loves his sport, it still requires effort. Lots of effort.

And guess what…that’s why success is hard.

Work takes willpower. Willpower is defined as “the strength of will to carry out your decisions, wishes, or plans.” It’s the ability to control yourself, control your responses, and determine your outcomes. This type of willpower is required to be consistent in your work. To do work that gets noticed. To do work that truly matters.

And guess what…that’s why success takes willpower.

Did you notice what is required of work is also required for success? That’s probably why the common denominator of success is work!

Question: What other common denominators can you find between success and work?