LIF 078 – Peak Performance Strategy #1 – What’s The Point?

Peak Performance Strategy #1 – What's The Point?

Today we are kicking off our new series, Peak Performance Strategies.  We all want to operate at a high level but what's the point? In episode 078 of The Live It Forward Show, you'll learn a few simple strategies to know WHAT’S THE POINT for you in regards to Peak Performance.

Peak Performance Strategy #1 – What's The Point?

1. Welcome to the Show

2. We just finished our Summer Podcast Series — Hidden Secrets to Success. If you missed an episode, make sure you listen!

3. Why are you interested in Peak Performance? What’s the point?

  • Get more done. Why?
  • Make more money. Why?
  • Have more free time. Why?
  • Do what I want. Why?
  • Because I want to be in control of my life. Why?

4. A few simple strategies to know WHAT’S THE POINT for you in regards to Peak Performance.

  • Define Success and Significance for you
  • Document Success and Significance for you
  • Review your Success and Significance document
  • Take Success and Significance steps

Important Announcement

We are launching a 6-week Masterclass: How to Land Your First $750 Speaking Engagement without Having A Huge Platform or Being a Best-Selling Author. This 6-week Masterclass will help you answer the following questions:

      • How to Decide What to Do First as a Newbie Speaker
      • How to Pick a Topic that Will Get Booked
      • How to Find Your Ideal Audience
      • How to Find and Get Noticed by the People Who Hire Speakers for Your Ideal Audience
      • How to Stand Out from Other Speakers with Similar Messages
      • How to Set Fees Without Underselling Yourself

Our first class starts on Wednesday, October 11 at 8 PM EST

Not only will you get to participate in each session via live video, you will also get:

– Private Facebook Group
– Extra Q&A sessions
– Video recordings of each session
– Audio recordings of each session, so you can listen on-the-go
– Templates of forms and tools I use in my business

If you are interested in taking this class, text PAIDSPEECH to 44222

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