Mary Kay Reviews and the Go Give Spirit



There are probably hundreds of Mary Kay reviews online and in print, yet if I were to write a review of Mary Kay®, I would use one word: “GIVE.”

Over the past year, I have attended a multitude of Mary Kay events including more than a dozen Monday Night Live meetings, a Fall Advance, several special events, the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas and, most recently, Mary Kay Leadership in Los Angeles. I've had conversations with thousands of Mary Kay sales directors and consultants (this number is not an exaggeration) and after almost every encounter, I walk away thinking the same thing—these leaders are energetic, sharp, and driven. Still, what sticks with me most is the Go Give® spirit possessed by so many.

Specifically, I've met direct sales professionals who were committed to the following…

Mary Kay Reviews and the Go GIVE Spirit

Genuine joyfulness. Often words like “authentic” and “genuine” are used to describe people who are blunt, cynical, and even dark. Yet I've seen the exact opposite in Mary Kay circles. It doesn't matter where a Mary Kay sales director or consultant comes from, or what she looks like, genuine joy characterizes 99 percent of the sales directors and consultants I've met.

As a side note, after reading several books about Mary Kay Ash, it’s easy to see why Mary Kay consultants and sales directors are genuinely joyful. Joyfulness was an attribute she valued, and she made sure it was woven into the fabric of her “dream company.”

Investing in themselves. Mary Kay consultants sell cosmetics, but their business goes way beyond cosmetics alone. Mary Kay® is one of the greatest leadership development companies on the face of the planet, and many Mary Kay reviews miss this fact. Every week, sales directors gather their unit together for sales training and accountability. Additionally, areas come together several times a year for motivation, inspiration, and leadership training. Finally, international conferences like Seminar and Leadership give Mary Kay sales directors and consultants the opportunity to invest in themselves once again.

Mary Kay Ash put a premium on investing in herself, so she made sure this principle was also weaved into the fabric of her “dream company.” If you are looking for a leadership development company that encourages you to invest in yourself, I don’t think you can find a better one than Mary Kay®.

Check out my book on how to write powerful, personal affirmations on specific topic: Affirm Yourself. Definitely a resource that will help you invest in yourself and your business!

Valuing their customers. According to Mary Kay Ash, everyone has a sign around his or her neck that says: “Make me feel important.” As a result, the consultants and sales directors who advance the most in their businesses don’t just focus on sales, they focus on relationship building. Mary Kay consultants are taught to think long-term, which means they serve people and add value whether they make a sale or not. This is one reason I love speaking and training in the Mary Kay world. Valuing people and serving them whether they buy from me or not is part of Live It Forward’s DNA.

Enthusiasm. The positive energy I feel when I'm around Mary Kay professionals is energizing! I've met thousands of direct sales professionals; some are just starting out while others have been at it for decades. They all have big dreams, they all want to make a positive difference, and each is enthusiastic about their life and business. Who doesn’t want to be around these kind of business leaders?!

One reason Mary Kay consultants and sales directors are enthusiastic is because they have a healthy perspective about life and business. The Greek word for enthusiasm means: “God within.” Because of this, Mary Kay Ash often repeated the following saying: “God first. Family second. Career third.” She believed if you keep these priorities in order, your life will be in harmony. I agree!


GIVE. There are many Mary Kay reviews online and in print, but my review consists of this one word because it describes the consultants and sales directors I've been privileged to meet.

Question: What other positive words would you use to describe the Mary Kay sales directors and consultants you know?


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