How to Motivate Your Sales Team in 5 Minutes or Less

Imagine completely recharging your smartphone in 30 seconds. Impossible? StoreDot promises this technology is coming soon to a store near you.


In the same way, imagine instantly recharging your sales team. Impossible? These “technology” are already available to you. Here are three quick tips for how to motivate your sales team in 5 minutes or less.

How to Motivate Your Sales Team in 5 Minutes or Less

1. Connect to the Bigger Picture. Sales professionals are rarely motivated in the midst of mundane, day-to-day activities. They need to connect with something bigger; something more meaningful. In other words, they need to connect “what” they are doing with “why” they are doing it. As a sales leader, it's important to constantly find ways to connect your team to your “why” behind a project, and more importantly, to their “why.” Therefore, whenever you talk with team members, listen for clues to what is meaningful to them. By doing so, you can discover ways to  connect their day-to-day actions to the bigger, more meaningful pictures of both your organization and their lives.

2. Celebrate Wins. When individuals on your sales team win…celebrate! And do more than the token shout out or email message. Make it a BIG deal. For instance, a company that is fantastic at celebrating wins is Mary Kay. Visit any Mary Kay sales training meeting and within five minutes you'll see sales consultants being celebrated for sales calls, revenue earned, recruiting, and more. If you need a shot of energy, find a local Mary Kay consultant and tag along with her to their next training meeting.

3. Rejoice in Rejection. This might sound counterintuitive, but a great tip for how to motivate your sales team is to rejoice in the “no's” they receive. If you've been a sales leader for longer than a nanosecond, you know sales people receive a lot of “no's.” Yet you also know the more “no's” you hear, the closer you get to hearing a “yes.” So why not motivate your sales team by rejoicing in their rejection? Take five minutes to announce you're holding a sales team contest to see who can hear the most “no's” in the next week. What's more, make the reward for winning this contest significant (i.e. $150 gift certificate or something similar). What you likely find is the person who wins the reward for the most rejections will also end up at the head of the pack in sales for the week.


Questions: Which 5-minute tip for how to motivate your sales team do you like the best and why? Any quick tips you want to add?