Have you ever noticed how little hinges swing big doors? In the same way, some small ideas are so powerful, they swing open big goals in our lives.

I recently read three little ideas from W. Clement Stone that blew me away! They are simple, little hinges. However, because they are so rich and full of meaning, they have the power to swing open any big goal you set.

Take note… You are about to read thoughts you have probably heard before, but the question is: Do you live them? If you do, then you are likely swinging open the big doors of setting and accomplishing your goals.

3 Little Hinges that Swing Big Goals

W. Clement Stone shared the following three thoughts:

  • In the end, your environment will control you; therefore, make sure that you control your environment. Avoid situations, acquaintances, and associates who tend to hold you back.
  • Success is achieved by those who try. Where there is a lot to gain and little to lose, try.
  • Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.




Three little hinges that swing open the big goals in our lives!

Question: How can you apply these little hinges to open a big goal in your life?



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