LIF 029 – How To Be Confident When You Don’t Know What To Say

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How To Be Confident When You Don’t Know What To Say

Have you ever been in a situation where it is your turn to talk and you don’t know what to say? Your confidence is down and one of two things happen. You either give a blank stare with no response or you talk on and on while you are trying to come up with what to say. We have all been there!

In episode 029 of The Live it Forward Show, Kent Julian gives three tips to help us avoid the awkward situation of being speechless and have confidence in any conversation. If you would like to improve your self esteem and be prepared to strike up a conversation, this episode is for you!

Show Notes – How To Be  Confident When You Don’t Know What To Say

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4. Kent shares introductions from two Live it forward ADVANCE guest speakers:

  • Susie Miller—What to say when you talk to yourself
  • Brian Holmes—The four cornerstones for strategic living

Two Things Happen When You Don’t Know What To Say

  • You give a blank stare with no response
  • You talk too much

Tip #1: Don’t Say Anything

  • Be an active listener
  • Show genuine interest

Tip #2: Restate What You Hear 

  • Restate what you hear in your own words
  • You will instantly know what to say

Tip #3: Ask Questions 

  • Questions bring confidence
  • Who, what, where, how, when
  • Use the FROM acronym
    • Friends
    • Relatives
    • Occupation
    • Memories

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