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What Happens When You Take the 4 Personality Types To The Extreme

We all have personality strengths that help us move toward the direction of our dreams. If you have taken the DISC personality assessment, you’ve learned a lot about your strengths. But did you know your greatest personality strengths can become weaknesses when taken to the extreme?

In episode 031 of The Live it Forward Show, Kent Julian shares five insights he discovered when one of his personality strengths became a weakness. Listen to this week’s episode if you want to learn how dangerous it is to put your personality strengths on steroids.

Show Notes – What Happens When You Put Your Personality Strength on Steroids

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3.  Ratings and Reviews

4. What happens when you take the 4 Personality Types to the extreme

  • A  driven and results-oriented  personality becomes a bully who walks all over people
  • An outgoing and expressive personality becomes a flake who can’t get anything done
  • A laid-back and easygoing personality becomes passive
  • detailed and precise personality becomes a control freak

5. Kent Julian’s insights from allowing his personality strengths to become a weakness

  • Recognize when your strengths are becoming weaknesses
  • Don’t let your pride take over
  • Listen to others who are trying to help you
  • Give your best to the people you are most important to you
  • Be quick to ask for forgiveness

6. How to prevent yourself from allowing your personality type to be taken to the extreme

  • Be alert
  • Listen to those who really love you
  • Notice others who go to an extreme
  • Be in a mastermind group

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