Jenny Hester is rolling out a website that links local businesses and their community together. She’s been on an amazing transformational journey for the past 15 years that has led her to become a coach and speaker. She has discovered what having an authentic relationship with God truly means and that you can change the way you think by changing what you put into your mind.


photo credit: Kayla.Elizabeth


If you boiled life down to one philosophy that brings meaning and adds value to your life no matter what circumstances you face, what is that philosophy for you?

Knowing who I am in Christ and what my role in this relationship looks like. This flows into everything in my life.

What are one or two keys to success for you? 

First, ensuring I maintain integrity in all my relationships. Second, keeping my focus on serving others instead of myself.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and what did you learn from it?

Not pursuing self-awareness sooner. I lived my life trying to fix everyone and everything but me. I discovered how my thinking was not only stealing my joy, it was making others miserable as well. I began to read everything I could find concerning personal development, positive thinking, the Bible, and self-awareness. I finally discovered who I am in Christ and what He has done for me. Knowing one’s self is key to an authentic life. This absolutely, 100 percent changed my life. Now I am able to be my authentic self and it feels AMAZING!!!!

What is your best advice for people who want to SHOW UP AND SHINE? In other words, what would you say to help people live into their bigger story?

Know yourself first. Next, be authentic in all your relationships. Finally, face your fears, discover your purpose, and live the life you were created to have.


Question: What suggestions do you have for living an authentic life?