The Key To Success for Work-Life Balance is Not Always Visible

The most important keys to success in having a work-life balance are not always the ones that are most visible to outsiders. But that doesn't make them any less important.

Picture the most successful person you can think of. Maybe they're a millionaire. Maybe they travel all over the world on speaking gigs. Maybe they've written a New York Times' Best Seller. But are those things really how we should be measuring success?

Money isn't everything. Some of the wealthiest people can also be some of the saddest people. Yes, making money can be a good thing – but it's not everything.

Successful Work-Life Balance

Success is having a healthy work-life balance. Success is spending time with your family. It can be building healthy habits into your life. Success can be pouring into others more than you expect in return. It can be building strong relationships with your clients and making serving them a priority.

Take a look at the picture below. On the outside, the rabbit on the right has it all. But when you go deeper, you realize the rabbit on the left is actually better off.

The same can be said for our work-life balance. On the outside, our work can look incredibly successful. But if we don't have what's most important underneath all that, we're left with a tiny carrot. On the other hand, we can have a good work-life – we can enjoy what we do, serve others while doing it, and even become successful – but what's underneath is what matters most.

Therefore, be sure to invest your time, energy, and resources in things that matter most. For instance, exercise your character. Strive to be a person of integrity. Keep your word. Honor your family. Invest in your personal and professional growth each day. Practice discipline.

Bottom line, most often it's the “underground” efforts we make that end up being the real keys to success in life and work! 




Photograph Copyright: peshkova / Depositphotos