Key To Success For Leadership

As a professional speaker, I speak on the topics of leadership and employee engagement at conferences for all types of organizations including health care, transit, education, and more. My focus is on how to find, engage, and keep top talent by building a DREAM-to-DO culture.

When building a DREAM-to-DO culture, there are many important leadership principles to remember. Yet, there is one key to success for leadership that, if missing, zaps a leader's energy like nothing else. To use a Covey-ism, it's keeping first things first. It's making sure that leadership is primary and management is secondary.

Key to Success for Leadership

Keeping leadership primary and management secondary does not mean management is not important or necessary. Instead, it means that for management to accomplish what it is supposed to accomplish, leadership must come first. In other words...mission, vision, and direction must be determined before implementation can be managed.

However, what often happens in an organization is management slowly crowds out leadership. As this happens, the focus of that organization begins to shift towards management issues like administration and procedures. Before you know it, the efficiency of policies becomes primary and the effectiveness of the mission becomes secondary Even worse, leaders lose sight of the reasons they got involved in leadership in the first place: to make a positive difference in something significant.

Bottom line, a major key to success for leadership is learning to jump off the management water slide ride and recapture your passion and focus for leadership!

Jump Off the Waterslide Ride

Here is a video of me speaking at an education conference. The clip is 8:33 long, but it's worth your time since it creatively demonstrates the importance of jumping off the management water slide ride in order to recapture your passion and focus for leadership. Enjoy!