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What Is Success – A Real Success Story Update


Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. 

You must set yourself on fire.   

– Arnold H Glasow –

(Thanks to my friend Randell Mark
for sharing this quote with me!)

Yesterday I shared Tim’s story with you because I knew it was one of those success stories that inspires people. As a reminder, Tim is a guy I know who is married to a wonderful lady, and together they have two great kids. He is also a guy who has battled through two extremely serious bouts with two different types of cancer.

I told you that Tim’s story inspires me. It’s one of those stories that answers the question: what is success? I’m inspired by Tim’s story not because he beat cancer twice, although that IS inspiring. I’m inspired by Tim’s story because he chooses to live it forward in the most important roles of his life no matter what he faces. As I mentioned yesterday, many people share thoughts on success, but often the best way to discover the true keys to success is through seeing true success stories lived out in front of you. Well, I’m getting a front row seat to such a story!

Yesterday, within a few minutes of me sharing my post, Tim shared another journal entry that I want to share with you. Once again, it answers the question: what is success? Even more, I believe Tim’s honesty struggle with how to actually “live it forward” will encourage and inspire you to be honest with yourself (it has for me).

Groundhog Day

With 2012 now upon us, it is natural to ask what is next? What am I going to do with my 3rd chance at life? Maybe the 3rd time is the charm. I just hope there is not a lesson here that I am missing. Remember the movie Groundhog Day?

There are quite a few things on my list of things to do; re-grow my hair (at least on the sides of my head), re-gain my strength, get back to normal, and finish the book. Most of all, I am not interested in being the old Tim. That is one guy who needs to be left behind. Lazy, selfish, too serious, cynical, complains too much, watches way too much TV, and generally has not nearly done enough with his life.

Perhaps the sequel has finally got it into my thick head that I can do better, especially by leaving my baggage behind. Perhaps if I am a little more productive, reach out a little more, let go of the little things, and invest more time in my family. I do not want to improve; I want to change because the outpouring of God’s grace makes me want to be a better man.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  – Romans 12.2

In His grip,


Wow! Thanks for the honest look at your life, Tim!!

Like I mentioned above, your reflection on your “third chance at life” is causing me to reflect more honestly on my life. And like you, I want to do more than make little improvements. I want to live one of those success stories that inspires my family and friends. I want my life to answer the question “what is success” with a resounding: “Watch the way Kent lives and model how he embraces life because THAT is true success!”

I cannot thank you enough, Tim, for sharing your life with us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on success. And more than anything, thanks for giving us a glimpse at how you are wrestling with living it forward in the most important roles of your life.