I’m Sick of Common Sense

I'm Sick of Common Sense

Let’s imagine something together, shall we?

Imagine you are a speaking coach. You spend hours with a particular client explaining the ins and outs of a Paid to Speak strategy. You share the same strategic steps that have worked for hundreds of your clients in the past.

During the coaching sessions, there is a lot of interaction. A lot of questions. A lot of explaining.

Now, as this particular coaching session comes to a close, imagine your client complaining: Is that it? That’s the Paid to Speak strategy? I’m not too impressed. I mean, I’ve heard this all before.

You’re a bit confused, so you dig a little deeper. You ask for clarification and discover this client has heard of a few of the strategies you have shared with him, but he has never heard of them being applied in the strategic way you suggest to create a plan to get paid to speak.

More Than Common Sense

You dig even deeper and ask several more questions…

  • “How long have you been trying to become a hired speaker?” Answer: 6 months.
  • “How many emails have you sent out?” Answer: Hundreds.
  • “How many speaking gigs have you had?” Answer: Zero.
  • “Even though you’ve heard of several of the strategies, have you tried using any of them in the strategic manner I’m suggesting?” Answer: No.
  • “So what exactly is your issue with the Paid to Speak strategy I just taught you?” Answer: As I said, I’ve heard it all before. It’s common sense.

This client isn’t too happy with you. But you are not too happy with him either.

Obviously, the client was looking for something more than “common sense.”  Something more dynamic or dramatic. Perhaps something more mystical and magical.

But you were also looking for something more from the client. You want something every coach wants from a client. You want this client to follow through with what he learned. You want him to take the “common sense” you taught him and turn it into common-sense action.


Because you have worked with a lot of people who have “heard it all before.” Some have not applied what you taught, so not much has happened for them. Yet others have applied the common sense you shared. They took common-sense action, and these are the individuals who have achieved the best results!

Imagine that.

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