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How to Build Self-Esteem and Success in Business

success_beyond_the_obstacles-819x1024Martin Zwilling, a contributor for, shares an interesting article that focuses on how to build self-esteem and success in business. He starts by saying:

In my years of mentoring entrepreneurs, a problem I have seen too often is low self-esteem, and over-compensating through arrogance and ego. These entrepreneurs find it hard to respect customers or team members, and their ventures usually fail. 

Later in the article, Zwilling states:

For every entrepreneur, a healthy self-esteem, leading to self-confidence, is critical to your success, since every startup is entering uncharted territory, and must take risks to seize a new opportunity. Not all entrepreneurs have a background to start from a position of strength in this area, but all have the ability to learn and the passion to succeed.

Zwilling shares eight steps from Paul Meshanko book The Respect Effect that help entrepreneurs and leaders build what he calls “business self-esteem.” My favorite was:

Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Our short-term destiny is not always in our control. What we can do is make a commitment to do our best in whatever entrepreneurial environment we find ourselves. We can also make sure we build strong relationships with successful business leaders in advance of our needing their wisdom.

Zwilling article is both interesting and insightful. Read full article: How To Build Self-Esteem And Success In Business


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