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The steps to success for entrepreneurs, especially for entrepreneurs just starting out, are as much about being as they are about doing. 

Sounds sort of philosophical, doesn’t it?

Perhaps this explanation will help.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you can focus on “doing” entrepreneurial stuff. However, if you don’t quickly “become” entrepreneurial in the process, you’re not likely to succeed. The reason is because what we do is a result of who we are. In other words, our “doing” comes from our “being.”

Therefore, the most successful entrepreneurs focus on “being” entrepreneurial first and the “doing” entrepreneurial stuff just sort of happens. In other words, they focus on developing the mindset, attitudes, and character traits of an entrepreneur. Over time, as they become more entrepreneurial at the core of their “being,” the natural byproduct is they end up “doing” more entrepreneurial stuff.

So if you’ve been wondering how to become a successful entrepreneur, the key is to focus on becoming more entrepreneurial at the core of your “being.” Here are a few ideas that might help…

7 Steps to Success for BE-ing an Entrepreneur

BE Energetic and Enthusiastic. Entrepreneurialism requires tons of sweat equity, and it’s practically impossible to put in the hours necessary to succeed if you lack energy and aren’t enthusiastic about your cause.

BE Patient. Of all the steps to success, this is the one young entrepreneurs stumble over the most. Entrepreneurial endeavors often take three times as long and cost twice as much as initially planned. You have to develop stick-to-it-tiveness to succeed.

BE Impatient. On the other hand, patience does not equal inactivity. Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait to see what happens; they make things happen.

BE Daring. Starting a business requires the courage to take a risk. Wisdom dictates doing your homework to be sure you’re taking calculated risks. But once the calculations are complete, be bold and move forward.

BE Social. Authentic networking, both face-to-face and via social media, is foundational to most entrepreneurial endeavors.

Success principles are like suntan lotion. They don’t work unless you rub them in.
BE in the Midst of Successful People. Success principles are like suntan lotion. They don’t work unless you rub them in. The best way to rub in success principles is to hang out with other successful people.

BE Giving. Of all the steps to success listed here, none is more important than to be giving and serve others. Bottom line, the Golden Rule rules!


Questions: Which of these steps to success connects with you most and why? What steps would you add?