Leadership Characteristics - What Makes a Great Leader?

What Makes a Great Leader?

Simplicity brings clarity. It pushes away fluff and gets right to the core. The best mantras and rallying cries are simple.

So in simple terms, what makes a great leader? Is it a specific set of leadership characteristics? How about a handful of leadership skills?

A multitude of leadership characteristics and skills are required if you want to be a great leader. Yet one is guaranteed to make the Top Ten List of great leaders: Taking Action. Taking Massive Action! Setting goals, strategically developing plans to accomplish those goals, and then going after those goals with energy and passion!

Simplicity is what makes the quote by John Erksine so powerful. It’s boils leadership down to one of its most important skills and character traits:

“In the simplest terms,
a leader is one who knows where he wants to go,
and gets up and goes.”

Question: According to John Erksine’s simple definition of what makes a great leader, do you make the cut? Why or why not?

photo by: jenny downing