Several years ago I attended a training conference where an expert shared a marketing strategy he called ABM… Always Be Marketing. If you are an entrepreneur or in sales, you know the importance of having a good marketing mix. You probably even realize that ABM is an important marketing concept and likely a key to success for your business. However, when you first hear ABM, does it make you ask the question: what is marketing in the first place?

How do you answer the question what is marketing? To me, the definition of marketing is not primarily selling. The definition of marketing is serving and sharing first, selling second. Therefore, ABM is a good marketing approach IF it focuses on serving and sharing first, selling second. And notice…this IF is big and bold!

These two critical success factors of marketing—serving and sharing—are what makes the sale possible. What’s more, learning to authentically serve and share before the sale occurs, or even whether the sale occurs, never comes back to you empty. In other word, the critical success factors of serving and sharing are just that…CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS. Serving and sharing with no strings attached is not just a slick sales strategy. Serving and sharing are keys to success for doing business. They are also the best ways to guarantee your success in anything you do.

When you serve and share with no strings attached, you:

  • Become a better person
  • Become a better business person
  • Impact the lives of others and make a real difference
  • Somehow end up making more money

What is marketing? It’s not just ABM. It’s ABS! It’s Always Be Serving.


Questions to help you create a better marketing strategy: 

  • What is marketing to you?
  • How does serving and sharing play a role in your marketing mix?
  • What challenges keep you from serving and sharing before selling?