3 Customer Service Tips that Never Go Out of Style

3 Customer Service Tips that Never Go Out of Style

If you’re a direct sales professional or entrepreneur, outstanding customer service is essential if you want breakout success. Without it, you’ll blend in with the plethora of options available in every industry today.

Yet it’s one thing to talk a great customer service game; it’s quite another to actually deliver great customer service. And since what you believe in is evidenced by the steps you take and not just the words you say, your actions must produce outstanding customer service. Here are three customer service tips that will help you go above and beyond in serving your customers…


3 Customer Service Tips That Never Go Out of Style

1. Serve Wholeheartedly 

“Great customer service happens when you have the heart of your customers in the heart of your brand.” —Kent Julian

Okay, so I’m quoting myself. I hope it doesn’t come across egotistical. It’s just that some direct sales professionals and entrepreneurs miss one of the most basic principles of great customer service. Outstanding customer service is not just about making your customers happy. This doesn’t go far enough. Outstanding customer service is about capturing the heart of your customers. This is the starting point for all customer service tips, so if you miss this one, everything else loses its impact.

  • Customer Service Tip: Move beyond customer profile templates that focus only on things like age, gender, and income level. Sit down with ideal customers. Get into their world and walk in their shoes. Listen to their words; but better yet, hear their heart.

2. Serve Before You Ever Make a Sale

“Give, give, give, then ask.” —Gary Vaynerchuk (from Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook)

A fundamental mistakes many direct sales professionals and entrepreneurs make is they start with the ask. It’s ask, ask, ask, and ask some more. They only give when someone final caves in and says yes. Yet they wonder why they sell so little and have even fewer repeat customers.

What would happen if you reversed this order? What if you genuinely gave, gave, gave and then ask? How would this approach impact your sales?

This customer service tip has significantly differentiated my business from others in my industry. Our marketing is based on a concept we call the Revolving Door Marketing™ strategy. A core principle of this strategy is that all our marketing efforts focus on serving with no strings attached. In other words, we give value each time we reach out to prospective customers and clients whether or not they ever choose to hire me as a speaker, use one of our services, or buy products. We are there to serve them with no strings attached even before we make a sale.

  • Customer Service Tip: Serve first. Serve second. Serve third. Then make the ask. But don’t stop there. Keep serving whether your prospective customer or client ever buys from you or not. Bottom line, serve always!

3. Serve Up More 

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them—preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” —Richard Branson

Don’t you love this quote? Outstanding customer service isn’t rocket science. If you want to deliver amazing customer service, don’t go for the expected…go for the unexpected.

  • Customer Service Tip: Fully promise and then over deliver.



  • Which of these customer service tips could help you most in your business right now? What’s one way you could apply it?
  • What other outstanding customer service tips would you add to this list?