I attend a lot of training conferences. I also host training conferences, especially for people who want to know how to get booked and make money as a speaker. Training conferences come in different shapes and sizes. Some attract a few dozen people. Others…a few hundred. Still others…a few thousand. No matter what the size or shape, all great training conferences include at least five critical success factors that add significant value for attendees.

5 Success Factors that Make a Training Conference GREAT

Great Content. At a training conference, everything raises and falls with the content. All the extra bells and whistles won’t add a bit of value if the content stinks. Solid content is by far the most important of all the success factors mentioned in this list. People are investing their time, energy, and money to receive outstanding content. That means no winging it. No flying by the seat of your pants. When it comes to great content…bring it!

Relational Network. A great conference also adds value by intentionally creating times for relationship building and networking. Table-talk opportunities. Encouraging participants to grab meals together. Hosting special receptions or meals that provide extended time for interaction. All of these are critical success factors for hosting a great training conference that adds significant value for attendees. (BTW…all of these elements are included at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp, our premier event designed to help you build your speaking business.)

Energy, Enthusiasm, Engagement. Training conferences that deliver great content are draining. The reason? Content-rich training requires 100 percent engagement from participants, which means a great conference is mentally and physically exhausting. How does a conference host counteract this reality? By intentionally doing things to keep energy, enthusiasm, and engagement high. Here’s a glimpse of a few things I did during a recent training conference on How to Become a Speaker Who Gets Paid to Speak.

Added Bonuses. As the video above demonstrates, people get excited about added bonuses. What’s more, added bonuses don’t need to be limited to gifts and giveaways. Surprise presenters. Free swipe files. Sample speaker contracts. A year’s worth of marketing letters. Follow up emails after the conferences with extra resources. These are all bonuses we share at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp to over deliver and add tons of extra value.

Targeted. I saved one of the most important success factors for last. It’s making sure the training conference is targeted and specific. The more niched, the better. Why? Because the more niched a training conference, the more specific its purpose, the more focused its goals, and the deeper its content.


Questions: What do you think of these 5 critical success factors that make a training conference GREAT? Do you agree? Disagree? What additional success factors would you add?


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