LIF 120 – The Fastest Way to Trash Your Confidence

LIF 120 - The Fastest Way to Trash Your Confidence

LIF 120 – The Fastest Way to Trash Your Confidence

We are in the middle of our Summer Shorts series where we are taking quick looks at the most common questions people ask about moving from DREAM to DO in their life, business, and calling.

So far we’ve covered:

In this episode, we focus on how to build confidence. But instead of taking the normal path of listing out steps for how to build confidence, we’re going after the #1 villain that’s out to destroy your confidence. This scoundrel disguises himself as a friend; but in reality, he is a fiend.

Purpose of this Episode

You can build your self-confidence by protecting yourself against the #1 villain that is out to trash your confidence: the Comparison Game

7 Quick Hacks to Stop the Comparison Game

  • Start your day right.
  • Remind yourself that it’s just a highlight reel.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Become an encourager.
  • When it gets bad, take a walk or run.
  • When it gets really bad, take extreme action.
  • Learn to compare yourself with yourself.

Call to Action

Pick one of the quick hacks mentioned in this episode and practice it every time you’re tempted to compare yourself with someone else this week.

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