How to Be Happy Today

How to Be Happy Today

Happy Thanksgiving!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we focus on being thankful, and rightfully so. Gratitude is such an attractive characteristic. But have you ever noticed how little emphasis is put on the first word in this holiday greeting: happy.

While happiness is similar to gratitude, it is not the same thing. In this episode, we examine what happiness is and 3 actions you can take today to be happier.

Purpose of this Episode

You can become happier today by taking a 3-F approach to happiness.


1) Gratitude — a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation

2) Happiness —the state of feeling happy

3) Joy — internal contentment, deep satisfaction and wellbeing

Joy and happiness are different.

  • Joy comes more from within. It’s a result of accepting and embracing who you are, the reason you are here, and even the circumstances you are experiencing.
  • Happiness tends to be externally triggered and is often associated with people, places, things, and experiences.

Tips Shared in this Episode

The 3-F approach to happiness…

1) Follow Through — how walking your talk leads to happiness.

2) Forgiveness — why forgiving others leads to personal joy.

3) Focus on the Now— how being present, even in tough times, makes your happier.

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