How to Make Better Decisions Faster

How to Make Better Decisions Faster

If you feel stuck in your decision making, Kent reveals 4 simple decision-making tips that can help you make better decisions faster. In episode 084 of The Live It Forward Show, you’ll learn all about making better decisions.

How to Make Better Decisions Faster

1. Welcome to the Show

2.Decision Making Process—4 Filters for Making Better Decisions Faster

  • Filter 1: Be honest with yourself.
    • When you ask yourself questions and are honest with yourself, you gain clarity and confidence.
  • Filter 2: Keep it simple and straightforward.
    • Don’t make things complicated.
  • Filter 3: Move quickly.
    • Most decisions, even big ones, should be made quicker rather than slower.
  • Filter 4: Always remember… no decision is a decision.
    • The worst possible decision is getting stuck making no decision.


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