I recently hosted the Speak It Forward Boot Camp. I absolutely love this event! It’s something into which I pour my heart and soul. I host it because I love being a speaker and am passionate about helping others experience the joy that comes from making a living through sharing messages that positively impacts people’s lives.

How To Write A Thank You Letter - Speak It Forward Boot Camp

Speak It Forward – May 2013 Alumni

As with most events, evaluations are asked from participants. I’m happy to say, each time we host this event, the evaluations get better and better.

Additionally, many participants go above and beyond the evaluation and share their appreciation through thank you letters, thank you notes, and thank you gifts. The extra step to say “thank you” is always appreciated.

I’d like to share one thank you letter I received. It’s not to toot my own horn or indicate this thank you note was better than anyone else’s. I’m sharing it because it’s a good example of how to write a thank you letter. Here are three quick thoughts about how to write a thank you letter that comes from the note below.

How to Write a Thank You Letter

Here’s the thank you letter:


I want you to know that I have learned so much from you. I am the son of a factory worker and just a few years ago I didn’t have an entrepreneurial bone in my body. You have played a huge part in helping me on my journey towards entrepreneurialism, including the work I have been doing for the past two years. Thank you so much for being an awesome teacher and family man!


Here are the three quick thoughts from this short thank you note that will help each of us know better how to write a thank you letter:

  • Share Your Specific Story. Tony shares a meaningful part of his story in this thank you note. This short story gives insight, context, and depth to his appreciation.
  • Share Your Specific Appreciation. Tony focuses on two specifics that are meaningful to me. He states that what I have taught has helped him grow. Even more, he compliments me on being a family man. Whether Tony realizes it or not, his compliment touches two roles that I highly value…that of being a family man and that of being a coach. He could of just said something like, “Thanks for a great conference and for being a good guy.” Instead, he got specific and that meant a lot!
  • Share a Specific Gift. Tony included a gift with his thank you letter. Receiving gifts is not one of my primary love languages. Don’t get me wrong, I like receiving gifts. But positive words of encouragement and recognition are more meaningful to me than gifts. So why did this gift mean so much? Because Tony got insider information. He asked my wife, Kathy, what kind of gift I would enjoy. In other words, Tony’s gift wasn’t just a gift. It was a specific gift based on specific insider information. The fact that he took this extra step was meaningful to me.

Let me be clear. I received some great thank you notes and gifts after the Speak It Forward Boot Camp. Each was special and unique. The reason I highlighted this thank you note is because it so clearly highlighted three important ideas for how to write a thank you letter.

Thanks Tony. I’m learning from you too!

Question: What means the most to you when receiving a thank you letter?