How to Become a Motivational Speaker – It’s Not What You Think

Kent Julian Speaking

This past week I was asked several times how to become a motivational speaker and/or business speaker. My answer raised eyebrows because what separates wannabe motivational speakers from professionals isn’t what you might think. It’s not talent. It’s not your message. It’s not even ambition. The key to becoming a motivational and/or business speaker is…

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Yes, I Am A Motivational Speaker! (A Cry For Help Even Though I Don’t Live in a Van Down by the River)

I’m a motivational speaker. There, I said it! Truthfully, I’m not too keen of the phrase “motivational speaker.” The image of Matt Foley, the character Chris Farley played on SNL, flashes before my eyes every time I hear “motivational speaker.” That’s why if you ask about the speaking I do, you probably won’t hear “motivational…

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