One of the Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Ever

Christmas Caning - One of the best white elephant gift ideas

Last year on December 24, I posted a blog about a new (and sort of naughty) Christmas tradition the Julian family started. Unlike most practical jokes, it’s a Christmas prank that actually brings joy to neighbors and is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. In fact, it might be one of the best white elephant gift ideas ever!


As a reader of this blog, you know I’ve coached a local swim team for years. Our team is 180 swimmers strong and practically every family with a swimmer on the team lives within two miles of our home. So last Christmas we decided to share one of the best white elephant gift ideas ever with our team. It’s technically not a white elephant gift, but we call it that because it’s a combination of great Christmas decoration ideas along with great Christmas game ideas along with the one of the best Christmas pranks ever conceived. Bundle them all together and you get a sort of naughty tradition that fosters community involvement and a whole lot of fun. We call it Christmas Caning!

Here are the only rules for Christmas Caning:

  1. Take a picture and send it to my email account.
  2. If you want to post it on Instagram, Twitter, or FaceBook, use the hashtag #stingrayschristmas
  3. Make sure the canes get back to the Julian home by New Year’s Day. (We’re assuming the 230 gigantic Christmas canes will be delivered to our home in the same way we delivered them to the first home…stuck in our front yard.)

It’s that simple. But wow, does it create some Christmas fun! If you’re interested in ordering your own set of gigantic Christmas canes so you can bring this Christmas tradition to your neighbor or organization, check out



Question for readers: What’s the most creative white elephant gift you’ve ever given or received?


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