A New (And Sort Of Naughty) Christmas Tradition

I wasn’t planning on blogging during the next few weeks because I usually take a break during the Christmas holidays. However, last night our family started a new Christmas tradition that was so much fun, I had to share it with you.

The Julian family has established a lot of fun Christmas traditions over the years. For instance:

    • We always put up Christmas decoration on Thanksgiving Day and take them down on New Year’s Day.
    • Some night before Christmas we pile into the car, stop by Starbucks or Dunken Donuts for treats, and drive around looking at Christmas lights and decorations.
    • For breakfast on Christmas Eve we eat at J. Christopher’s with extended family.
    • We always attend a Christmas Eve service.
    • We open up one gift every Christmas Eve. Surprise, surprise…year after year the gift is always a new pair of PJs.
    • We always get a picture of everyone in our new PJs.
    • We go through our stockings first thing Christmas morning.
    • We eat Happy Birthday Jesus Cake for breakfast every Christmas morning.
    • We read the Christmas Story from Luke 2.
    • We open presents one at a time so everyone can see who received what from whom.

This year we added a new (and sort of naughty) Christmas Tradition. We CANED our neighbor’s yard!

It’s an idea we picked up from Cane Ventures. It’s sort of like forking your neighbor’s yard, but much more positive and fun! We placed 100 giant Christmas Canes in our neighbor’s front yard and left a note that read:

You’ve Been Caned!
Now It’s Your Turn To Cane Somebody.
The Only Rule…Make Sure The Canes Get Back
To The Julian’s By New Year’s Day.

We have a sneaking suspicion that this new Christmas Tradition will land in the front yards of many of our neighbor’s homes during the days to come!

Here’s a quick video of our new and naughty Christmas tradition…




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