Vote for Yourself – 3 Traits of a Good Leader

It's Election Year. Time to vote. And your vote counts. It really does. Even more important, it's your patriotic duty, so be sure to vote.

But did you know every day is Election Day in your life? Each day you get a chance to vote, and your choices count a lot! In fact, it's your duty to vote every day if you want to lead your life successfully. Otherwise, you will lose the election of your life.

Wondering what issues you should vote on? Here are three traits of a good leader that you can vote for in your own life.

Vote for Yourself — 3 Traits of a Good Leader

#1 – Vote for vision. If you don't know where you're going, you'll likely never go anywhere special or do anything significant. That's why vision is the first trait of a good leader. As the leader of your life, you can vote for a meaningful vision by developing a personal purpose statement and compass and reviewing both daily.

#2 – Vote for passion. Authentic passion is a trait we desire in our leaders. In fact, think of the best leaders you know and see if you can name one that doesn't have passion. You probably can't. So, if we want passion from our leaders, shouldn't we expect the same of ourselves if we want to lead our lives successfully? If you currently don't have passion for your vision, spend some time updating your personal purpose statement and compass so that it is more in line with who you are and how you are wired. Bottom line, without authentic passion you won't have the mojo to bring your vision into reality.

#3 – Vote for character. This is your most important vote because if you don't have character, the other two traits are meaningless. Voting for charter in your life means you live by your personal purpose statement and compass even when life gets tough, not just when it's easy. Always remember, character is the difference between walking your leadership walk instead of just talking your leadership talk.

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