Do you find it hard to get yourself motivated? Whether it’s making sales calls, exercising, or just eating healthy, knowing how to get motivated is often what makes the difference between awesome results or awful results. Here are 3 tips to help you get motivated quickly even when you don’t feel like it.

3 Tips for How to Get Motivated

1. INPUT. You’ve heard the saying: Garbage in; garbage out. So much motivation is lost simply by what we allow into our lives. Empty TV. Negative people. Shallow time-wasters.

What if you protected yourself against empty, negative, shallow input? What if you turned off the TV? What if you gravitated towards positive people? What if you avoided tempting time-wasters? How would this help you get and stay motivated?

Try it for a week. Seriously, just seven days. You’ll be amazed at how highly motivated you get about things that really matter.

2. ACTION. Most people wait for motivation before taking action.

  • “I’ll get in shape when I’m motivated.”
  • “I don’t feel like finishing this project right now. I’ll wait until I have more energy.”

This equation is backward! Energy is a result of action, not vice versa. So if you’re sitting around wondering how to get motivated, stop sitting and start moving. Moving towards something creates energy and motivation.

3. REWARD. If you’re a driven person there’s a good chance you don’t reward yourself enough. Additionally, if you are constantly putting the pedal to the metal you’ll eventually run out of gas. So instead of going 110 miles per hour 24/7, how about taking a few moments to reward yourself at the end of the day?

Notice the word here is “reward.” This means you have to do something during the day to earn your reward. Here’s what I mean…

Every morning clarify your most important goal for the day. At the end of the day, if you’ve made progress on this goal, reward yourself. If not, spend 30 minutes working on this goal before wrapping things up for the day and then reward yourself. How? Turn on your favorite music. Read a good book. Enjoy time with family. Sip a glass of wine. The key is to do something at the end of every day to reward yourself for positive action. It will refill your tank and get you motivated for the next day.


Questions: Which idea for how to get motivated resonates with you most? What tips would you add to our get-motivated list?