Each year I come up with a goal-setting template that becomes my theme for the year. As this year ends and we begin the transition into next year, I've already begun to plan my theme for next year: GO BIG.

GO BIG isn't just about me, however. It's about others as well. In fact, GO BIG centers on my desire to do well while doing good for others. Notice the two key success factors in this statement. These two factors are central to authentic success in both life and business:

  • Do Well For Yourself
  • Do Good For Others

Don't get caught up in the order of the two statements. That's a "chicken or egg" discussion. For now, let's focus on the meaning of these two key success factors.

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Fifteen years ago, I started a little business called Live It Forward on a shoestring budget and a prayer. I started it for a plethora of reasons. Yet recently, while reviewing my journal, I came across the major reasons in the following entries:

September 28, 2007

Today I officially resigned from my job as the Executive Director of the Alliance Youth Association (I'll work through the end of the year). It felt good to officially say, "It's over." I feel as though I have served Alliance Youth well and have nothing left to offer. In fact, if I stay on longer I will be taking advantage of Alliance Youth because I am no longer the person to lead them forward. I love the organization, but my vision and passion is to be involved in a different kind of work that does not fit the mission and direction of Alliance Youth.

With that said, I do believe I have served them well and am extremely thankful for the opportunities they gave me to serve. There are no regrets for either party. The move is so positive, in fact, that they have asked me to help in the process of finding and hiring my replacement. How cool is that!

As for my vocational future, I pumped about Live It Forward. I've been working at it on the side for 3 years now (4 years if you count the year of figuring out what to do and how to get started). There is so much potential, and I am extremely passionate about the mission and vision of inspiring and equipping people and organizations to live it forward in their most important roles!

The career coaching side of the business is going well and growing like crazy. There are many reasons for this, but I believe a major reason is because of the quality of the program we offer. It truly fits the mission of inspiring and equipping people to "live it forward" in their work. The program starts by helping people discover their Vocational Calling. Next, we build a filter around that Vocational Calling so that they can make work decisions based on a clear understanding of their Calling. Finally, we help people design a solid plan to move from where they are into work they love. Bottom line, people are truly being inspired and equipped to live it forward in their work through the career coaching program Live It Forward offers.

Now that I will be doing Live It Forward full time, speaking and training are the next endeavors I hope to pursue. I'm not sure exactly how or to whom I'll offer these services, but my desire is to do the same thing I've done with career coaching. I want to develop and market programs that will authentically inspire and equip people and organizations to "live it forward" in their most important role.

As far as day-to-day operations, I'm a bit nervous about the finances for this next year since I've never been 100 percent on my own without the safety net of a job. Still, we are positioned and prepared for this move. What's more, if we finish the year with a strong quarter, all should be excellent.

God, I believe the direction I am heading is your desire for my life as an individual, a husband, a father, and a business person. I believe the potential to serve you by serving others through Live It Forward is tremendous. In fact, I believe it's beyond what I can think or imagine. May it be so!

January 4, 2008

The journey begins! I'm 100 percent on my own. Live It Forward must be profitable. No more safety net!

God, my prayer is that you will bless my business. In fact, I pray that Live It Forward will bless thousands and thousands of people and, in turn, the business will do well financially. In other words, I pray that I will do well while doing good for others.

I feel prepared. I just ask that you help me do my part and then bless me beyond belief so that I might bless others beyond belief.

I am so grateful for the path you have allowed me to travel during the past 3-4 years. It's been an amazing journey! All the ups and downs have prepared and positioned me for this moment. I am so thankful for where I am and where I am headed!


The following concepts from these two journal entries represent the major reasons why I started Live It Forward. They also represent the meaning of the two key success factors found in the phrase do well while doing good for others:

  • Inspire and equip others to live it forward in their most important roles.
  • Bless thousands and thousands of people through my business and, in doing so, may my business be blessed.
  • God, please bless me beyond belief so that I might bless others beyond belief.

NOTE: Journal entries were edited with regards to clarity and privacy


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