5 Big Questions For Your Goal Setting Template

It's a perfect day. The weather is warming up. I'm listening to my Jason Mraz station on Pandora. In a few hours, our family is going to spend some quality time together by taking our dog Buzzy on a convertible ride.

To top it off, I'm thinking through the goals I set for this year.

Every couple of months, I look back at the goals I set for the year and see how I've progressed. What makes this task easier is something I call my goal setting template.

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Goal Setting Template

What is a goal setting template and how do I do it?

Every year I determine a new theme, or template, for my goals. This past year my goal setting template was "It's A Numbers Game," so every major goal I set revolved around numbers.

Honestly, I'm not sure why I do this. All I know is it brings clarity to my goals. It also gives me a rallying cry for the year...something that brings focus when I repeat it daily. In fact, as you can see by the pictures below, I post my goal setting template prominently in my office so that I see it every day.

goal setting template


By the way, did you catch my goal setting template for next year in the picture above? Hint hint...it's under the "Think" section on my whiteboard. What that means is I'm already thinking about my goal setting template for the upcoming year even though it's months away. In case you couldn't figure it out, here's another picture.

goal setting template


Wondering what big questions I'm asking to shape my future goal setting template?

Get ready, because this is really different. I'm not asking category questions like "what goals should I set for my faith development, family, personal development, fitness, finances, and professional life?" Instead, I'm asking more organic questions. Questions that are more fluid. Questions that will flow through all my goals. In other words, the questions I'm asking are bigger than any goal setting category.


Here are the 5 questions I'm asking to develop my goal setting template:

Grow. Achievement goals are great. Grow goals are better. What goals will push me to grow? What goals will make me strive to become a better man? What goals will help me live it forward and move from DREAM to DO?

Overdeliver. I want to over deliver for my family. For my community. For my clients and customers. What goals will help me go further in over delivering?

Blow The Doors Off. My speaking career is on the verge of blowing up (in a good way, of course). I've made HUGE strides in the past few years to establish myself in a few niche markets. Now, what steps can I take to blow the doors off my speaking career? Double my bookings. Triple my revenue.

Invest. How can I best invest my life? How can I best invest my gifts and talents? How can I best invest my resources? How can I best invest in what I'm passionate about and what excites me? Most importantly, how can I best invest in my faith?

Give. I truly believe it's better to give than receive. How can I give more to those I love? How can I give more to my community? How can I give more to my church? How can I give more to the world? And how can I do all of this giving without being used up and becoming worthless?

These are just some of the questions I'm pondering as I establish my goal setting template for the future. I hope they encourage you to go deeper in your goal setting.

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