Most people KNOW what to do, but few actually do it

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”  —Mark Twain

Let’s be honest, there is a gap between “knowers” and “doers.” Most people KNOW what to do, but few actually DO it. Did you realize this gap gives you an amazing opportunity to show up and shine by doing something great that currently isn’t being done?

Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

In one of the bestselling leadership books of all time, The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership, John Maxwell explains how there are laws of leadership that, if followed, make success impossible not to achieve. Of course, if these laws of leadership are ignored, you are just as incapable of experiencing true success.

While we can’t actually calculate how many laws of leadership actually exist, we also can’t deny certain leadership qualities have the power to make or break you. Just as Newton didn’t invent gravity, Maxwell doesn’t claim to have invented these laws. Rather he has observed these particular laws of leadership in action, witnessed their effects, and given them names. What’s more, Maxwell isn’t the only one who has observed and named different laws of leadership. There are a multitude of books, articles, and blog posts dedicated to leadership. (HINT: You’re reading one right now.)

Walk Your Leadership Talk

So why is there still so much leadership training out there? Why is so much still written about the laws of leadership?


People don’t follow through.

Words win out over action.

Does this truth depress you? It shouldn’t.

You can…

Choose not to be a member of the masses.

Let your actions win out over empty words.

Reality is, it doesn’t take much to show up and shine. Simply be someone who lives it forward by apply the laws of leadership instead of just talking about them. If you walk your leadership talk, you instantly set yourself apart and put yourself on the path to success.


Question: What’s one thing you do that helps you live out the laws of leadership instead of just talking about them?