Thoughts On Success — Congrats Alana…YOU Made Clarity Happen for You!

Alana has been one of those coaching clients who has really experienced true success. Even more, she continues to live it forward and experience more and more success with each passing day.

She, along with her husband Josh, have been the type of clients who continue to impress me. Of course, like most clients, they wish they were further down the road, yet I’ve worked with enough clients to know they are MUCH FURTHER down the road than they think. They are experiencing, and will continue to experience, real success in the most important roles of their lives because every day they are taking little steps that are moving them towards the big things they want in their lives.

Alana sent me this video yesterday, which I greatly appreciate! In it, she shares her thoughts on success and talks about how the live it forward coaching process brought clarity, content, and confirmation to her life. Yet truth be told, her thoughts on success are not completely accurate. She leaves out one very important detail. Josh and Alana were the ones who discovered their own clarity, content, and confirmation; I simply guided them along their journey.

From the “Authentic Appreciation” Page:

Alana_MokmaThis is one of the best investments I have made for my future and for my family’s future. Kent’s tools and style of coaching help to eliminate all the scary “what ifs?”
 I use to fear when thinking about my vocational future. I can now state in one sentence my Vocational Calling, and I have a clear vision for how to fulfill this purpose. I can’t imagine continuing through life knowing that life could be better, but not knowing how to change it. Kent’s coaching gave me the tools I needed and the courage to change my course.
  —Alana Mokma