One of my favorite sayings is: Big is little and little is big. 

Here’s why…

I speak to student leaders in organizations like FBLA, DECA, FCCLA, and 4-H on the topic of how to be successful. During my keynotes, I often ask audience members if they want to:

  • Find a career they love so much they never feel like they’re working.
  • Develop meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • Experience an incredible marriage and a happy family.
  • Impact the world in a positive manner.
  • Make a ton of money providing a valuable service or product.
  • Bottom line…experience real success in the most important areas of their lives.

After each question, audience members shout back: ABSOLUTELY!

That’s when I share one of the greatest secrets of how to be successful: BIG is Little and Little is BIG.

High school and college students, just like you and me, want to know how to be successful. They want to experience the BIG things in life like a happy marriage, meaningful friendships, a career they love, the ability to earn a good living, and the opportunity to positively impact the world.

The secret to experiencing these BIG things, of course, it to make sure you get the LITTLE things right day in and day out. It’s realizing that the small, everyday decisions you make are what lead to the big successes. Understanding this reality is a major key to knowing how to be successful.

Hence, one of my favorite sayings on how to be successful is: BIG is Little and Little is BIG.

I assume you want to experience the BIG successes in life too. Then don’t focus too much on the big things. Instead, focus on getting the LITTLE things right in your everyday life. This one mindset change practically guarantees you’ll end up experiencing true success in what matters most.

Question: What’s one way you practice the BIG is Little and Little is BIG principle and how has it positively impacted your life? Let’s share our success stories with one another.