The Power of Choice – How To Be Successful In What Matters Most

How can I be successful in what matters most? 

I ask myself this question a lot. Do you?

If you're like me, you don't want to get to the end of your life only to realize you wasted it pursuing success in areas that don't matter. You want to live it forward in things that truly count!

That's why the questions below in a recent issue of Success Magazine caught my attention:

  • What single force can shape our success or our failure?
  • What one power do we have that, if used correctly, can practically guarantee our success?

The answer? It's the power of choice!

How to be Successful in What Matters Most

Think about it. You are where you're at today because of the choices you've made. Unwise choices repeated over and over lead to failure, while wise choices that are repeated regularly lead to success. It's that simple.

But what do you do with the unwise decisions you've made in the past? Do mistakes and unwise decisions automatically mean your road to success is destined to hit a dead end?

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”
—Will Rogers
Absolutely not!  Although wisdom and good judgment lead to success, they both come from experience.  Yet experience is often the result of your past mistakes and poor judgment. What all of this means to you is the experience you gain from past mistakes and bad judgment provides unbelievable valuable because often your greatest teacher is failure!

The Power of Choice

So, if you've made a mistake recently and you're wondering how you can be successful in the midst of it all, don't waste time beating yourself up. Instead, strap on your learning cap and do what successful people do. Use the power of choice! Ask yourself:

  • What actually happened?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • Next time I face a similar situation, how will I positively use the power of choice?

Your life is the outcome of the choices you make. If you don't like the outcomes you are currently experiencing, start making the power of your choices work for you instead of against you. Make wiser choices and you'll produce better results. That's how to be successful in what matters most!

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