The Live It Forward Show with Kent Julian launches in April

The Live It Forward podcast will inspire and equip you to passionately pursue freedom in your dream life and calling. If you want real-life success strategies and action plans so you can move forward with clarity and purpose in your personal life, relationships, and career, this is the show for you. Don’t settle any longer for a mediocre life…you can LIVE and EARN IT FORWARD today!

Help Me Serve You Better

This show is all about you. That means I want to know how to serve you best. Will you help me do this by completing the simple, 3-question podcast survey below? To say thank you, we will give you free access to the Live it Forward Maximize Your Life 3-pack of resources as well as give you a discount code to purchase our best-selling product, the GOAL GETTING Video Coaching Program, for ONLY $10! (Regularly $47)

The MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE 3-pack of resources includes:
1) Lead Your Life from Quiet
2) 5 Empowering Choices You Can Make Every Day to be More Successful
3) 7 Steps to Starting a Profitable Lifestyle Business