LIF 001 – What is Live It Forward

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Welcome to The Live It Forward Show with Kent Julian, a brand new podcast series brought to you by…you guessed it, me, Kent Julian.

In the first episode, I break down the DNA of  The Live It Forward Show: what it's all about, what you can expect from each episode, and a little bit of background on the host—yours truly.

Listen in to hear all of this and much more on the very first episode ever of The Live It Forward Show!

Show Notes

1. Official description of the show.

2. What the show is all about in one sentence.

3. My promises to you as a listener.

4. Who is this Kent Julian guy, and what's his story?

5. What's the primary focus of the show?

6. What will the show feel like?

7. What's the format of the show?

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Until next time, LIVE and EARN IT FORWARD!