No More Job Satisfaction Blues

I love my jobChris Findley, a former life and career coaching client of mine and an alumnus of the Speak It Forward Boot Camp is living it forward in the most important roles of his life!

He was an amazing client, and not because his vocational journey was ideal or easy. In fact, his situation was one of the most challenging of all the clients I have served over the past several years.

Yet because he was intentional and proactive about answering the question what is success for me, he figured out a way to move from “I hate my job” to “I love my job.” In other words, he is a man who took a hard look at his life goals, career goals, and career objectives, and then he got busy designing the life he truly wanted to live and figuring out a way to make his work fit into that life.

What were the keys to success for Chris? Those two little words above—he was intentional and proactive. What do I mean by intentional and proactive? Check out one of the notes I received from Chris while he was in the midst of his life and career transition…

While in an interview yesterday, the interviewer interrupted me and said, “Sorry, but I just have to tell you, I really liked your approach of getting on my calendar.  I thought the intro letter, resume, and phone call follow up was first rate and proactive.”

You see, Chris was tired of passively waiting for opportunities to come his way. So instead of doing a “normal” job search, he intentionally created an environment in his life that caused opportunities to come his way. He also proactively used multiple job search strategies that he learned during our coaching sessions to capitalize on those opportunities. Embracing this “abnormal” approach allowed Chris to take matters into his own hands, and 18 months later he is “living his dream.” (His words, not mine.)

One other thing about Chris. He was tired of settling. I could sensed it; I heard it in his voice and saw it in his eyes. He wasn’t negative or a downer…it was more like he was ticked off. Ticked off at himself for allowing small thinking to creep into his life. Even more, he was determined to discover his Vocational Calling and find work that fit his calling. He was feed up with fighting the “job satisfaction blues,” so he decided once and for all to make the move to the life and work he loved!

I’m so proud of Chris. He figured out the critical success factors for his life, and because of this, I wanted to share his story with you.



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